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Dear visitors, friends and colleagues ,

we are glad to welcome you on the official site of The Global Taekwondo of Sverdlovsk area.
The Sverdlovsk Regional Federation of Taekwondo was established in 1989.

Before the federation GTF has been created, our head instructor of that time, had the opportunity to take part in some international seminars under Lee En Sok and Park Bong Dock tutelage.

In 1991 we joined the Global Taekwondo Federation created by GM Park Jung Tae.
Some instructors have received their first degree and had the opportunity to study the orthodox techniques of Northern Taekwondo. These instructors developed and became leaders of our new federation.

Until today we have remained GTF members since 1991.

The Sverdlovsk area was always famous for developing good fighters in the martial arts and Taekwondo  was not an exception.

The Sverdlovsk Regional Federation of Taekwondo have developed many National Team atheletes who are always representing Russia in many international events world wide.


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